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GPS Trackers For Individuals

GPS Trackers for individuals

GPS trackers with 5 years tracking included, low upfront cost and no subscriptions or nasty hidden fees on our Home Plan

We know you don’t want to mess around with setting up subscriptions or signing contracts for your GPS vehicle trackers and that’s why we’ve made all of our GPS tracking solutions no contract and no subscription!

With a low-cost upfront payment, and 5 years data included, GPSBob is the smarter way to track your vehicles.

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Real-time GPS vehicle trackers give you 24/7 location information for your vehicles

Get real-time location information for your car, van, motorcycle and even pets and children using our smart GPS trackers and software.

Simply login to the online software or mobile app to see point-on-map location of your tracked vehicle.

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Peace of mind in the event of vehicle theft

Whilst GPS trackers won’t necessarily stop your vehicle from being stolen in the first instance, they certainly can give you a fighting chance of recovering your stolen vehicle.

In the horrible situation that you wake up to find your vehicle missing from your driveway, login to the app or online software to see the vehicles location in real-time.

Armed with this crucial information, this can help police to track down the vehicle in order to make a swift recovery.

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Keep track of young drivers or family members

GPS trackers are an ideal solution to help you keep tabs on young drivers in your family, or to gain peace of mind over the whereabouts of your loved ones out on the road.

Installing a GPS tracker device onto a young drivers car can help you as a parent to better understand the way the new driver is behaving on the road, as well as giving you confidence that should something go wrong, you can get to the driver easily using their real-time location data.

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Travelling in your own vehicle for business? Track your mileage for business expenses

Do you use your own vehicle for business purposes? If you do, GPS tracking could be a great solution for keeping track of your business mileage.

With up to 30 days of historical tracking information available from within the tracking software, you can easily see the exact journey information and mileage data for your expenses requirements.

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Safety for your most precious – children and pet tracking

It’s great to let our children and pets have freedom to explore their surroundings, but it’s always nice to know where our most precious loved ones are even if we can’t see them.

GPS trackers for dogs and children give you confidence to allow them to explore whilst still having them in view on a map with live tracking.

Simply clip a personal tracker to a dog collar or slip into a childs pocket or school bag for total peace of mind.

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Improve the safety of loved ones suffering dementia or Alzheimers

We offer small gps trackers that are super portable and perfect for human tracking, making this a great solution to help you keep track of loved ones who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimers.

With long battery life and an easy to use tracking software panel, this could be the answer for giving you more peace of mind over the safety and security of your loved ones.

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Basic GPS tracking with only the features you need

Other GPS tracking solutions can be bogged down with many features that individuals simply don’t need or want, making it hard to use. We understand this and have made our Home solution simple and easy to use, giving you simple real-time location on a map as well as historical location data for the past 30 days.

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Real-time location tracking

Get live GPS location information for your vehicle on map anywhere in the world.

Historical location

See where your vehicle has been over the last 30 days.

Track multiple vehicles

You can track one or multiple vehicles on the Home Plan software or app

Mobile app and web browser software

Easy to use web-based software platform as well as iOS and Android mobile apps

Up to 5 years tracking

All trackers come configured and ready to use, and include enough data to last 5 years before needing to be topped up (via our app)

No contracts, subscriptions or hidden fees

Like it says on the tin – no contracts or subscription costs on our Home plan

Possible reduction in insurance costs

Some insurers may offer reduced premiums for vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices.

Simple to use GPS tracking software and app

Discover Home Plan

Use Cases

Motorhomes & Campervans

GPS tracking for motorhomes and campervans can give you more security over your prized vehicle.

Motorhome tracking

Cars & Vans

GPSBob offer the perfect solution for GPS tracking for cars and vans.

Car tracking


We have great solutions for GPS tracking for motorcycles, giving you more security for your bike.

Pets and Children

GPS tracking for dogs and children can let you rest assured that your beloved pets or family members are visible on a map

These GPS trackers are perfect for your needs

We’ve handpicked the perfect GPS car tracker devices for your needs.

For customers in the USA the “See all GPS Trackers” button below includes all of our products and links to our Amazon USA listings

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