Total peace of mind over all of your assets without the tie-ins or monthly fees. Freedom at last

Tired of having to pay monthly or hidden fees, or being tied into lengthy contracts for your GPS tracking? We know you are.

Break free from the norm of GPS tracking companies wrapping you up with contracts and wanting you to pay fees on top of your monthly payments for data and other things. With GPSBob there will never be a contract or ongoing payment in sight and that’s a guarantee.

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GPS Tracking you can plug in and forget for 5 years

Plug in and forget for up to 5 years with bags of tracking data included and all for only one low-cost upfront payment

It’s easy and pain-free to get up and running with GPS tracking from GPSBob. From as little as $98.21 you’ll receive everything you need to get up and running with GPS tracking through the post super fast.

You’ll get a simple-install or plug & play GPS tracker device, GPS tracking app and enough tracking data preloaded to last you upwards of 5 years before needing a top up.

Once the tracking data is used or your 5 years is up, it’s super simple to top-up the data through the tracking app and it’ll only cost £60 to keep you going for another 5 years. Amazing right?

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GPS tracking that saves time and money

Save hundreds of pounds and hours in wasted time compared to other GPS tracking solutions

There are many GPS trackers on the market similar to ours for a cheaper price upfront. But for many people like you buying these devices, it quickly becomes apparent that you need to either pay a monthly data subscription or you’ll need to buy a data sim in order for the device to work, quickly making that cheaper device more expensive over the years to follow.

Compared to other GPS tracking solutions on the market, GPSBob will save you bags of cash over the years.

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Coverage across the globe where and when you need it

Our 4G powered GPS tracking devices and sim-cards will work globally, giving you the benefits of GPS tracking wherever you need it in the world.

Unlike other GPS tracking solutions, you’ll be able to track your assets wherever you need to.

If you need global coverage ensure you choose a 4G tracking device over a 3G unit to ensure you get the coverage you need. You can check out which countries support 3G and 4G networks below, and if in doubt, give us a call and we’ll give you the information you need.

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GPS Vehicle Trackers Tracking App

Home Plan tracking app included for free with every GPS tracker purchased

Every GPS tracker you purchase will come with our simple-to-use Home Plan GPS tracking software and app, for free. As long as you have tracking data available, of which you get 5 years included from the start, you can use the tracking software and mobile app with no limits.

The Home Plan tracking system comes with all the features you’d expect, including live point-on-map tracking, location history for the last 30 days, plus the ability to track multiple vehicles on the same app.

If you need more features, you can easily upgrade to our Professional or Enterprise plans right from inside the app itself to unlock more amazing features.

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GPS Tracking that you can install and setup in minutes, not hours

Installation and setup done and dusted in minutes instead of hours

Theres nothing for you to worry about when it comes to installing and setting up your new GPS tracking device…it’s a piece of cake!

Even the less-technical of us can easily install these tracking devices within minutes with either a simple two-wire install to your vehicle battery or even simpler plug & play OBD trackers that connect to your vehicles’ OBD port or cigarette lighter. We have easy-to-follow installation and setup guides and if you do get stuck just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once installed, it’s a quick process to sign up for an account on our Home Plan software and then away you go. Install and setup quicker than you say GPS tracker!

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GPS tracking customer service

Need help or support? We’re right there for you when you need us the most

We take a lot of pride in offering the best customer service in the GPS tracking industry. Rest easy knowing that we’re here for you should you need us.

Whether you need help setting up or installing, or you’d like to ask us questions about anything to do with our products, please feel free to drop us an email, send a support ticket through the app or pick up the phone and give us a call.

We do everything we can to make your experience as painless as possible so let us know how we can help you.

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