Below we have the coverage of our standard Sim card which we use, along with weather that region supports 2G or 4G/LTE

When deciding on which device to buy, ensure that the region you are using it in supports the relevant technology.

It is worth noting that the UK is looking to keep 2G till around 2033, however for use cases outside of the UK we would recommend a 4G/LTE device as we don’t have any information on other countries shutdown times for the 2G network.

If the region you are wanting to use the device in is not shown below or doesn’t look to be supported, please get in touch as we have other provider’s who do support additional/different regions, this doesn’t affect the price or terms, but will mean we need to know to put a different sim card into your device.

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Country Region 2G 4G (LTE-CATM1)
Albania Europe
Algeria Africa
Anguilla North America
Antigua & Barbuda North America
Argentina South America
Armenia Asia
Australia Oceania
Austria Europe
Azerbaijan Asia
Barbados North America
Belarus Europe
Belgium Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Brasil South America
British Virgin Islands North America
Bulgaria Europe
Cambodia Asia
Canada North America
Cayman North America
Chile South America
China Asia
Colombia South America
Croatia Europe
Cyprus Europe
Czech Republic Europe
Denmark Europe
Dominica North America
Egypt Africa
El Salvador North America
Equatorial Guinea Africa
Estonia Europe
Faroe Islands Europe
Finland Europe
France Europe
Georgia Europe
Germany Europe
Gibraltar Europe
Great Britain Europe
Greece Europe
Greenland North America
Grenada North America
Guernsey Europe
Guyana South America
Hong Kong Asia
Hungary Europe
Iceland Europe
India Asia
Indonesia Asia
Ireland Europe
Isle of Man Europe
Israel Asia
Italy Europe
Japan Asia
Jersey Europe
Jordan Asia
Kazakhstan Asia
Korea, Republic of Asia
Kosovo Europe
Kyrgyzstan Asia
Latvia Europe
Liechtenstein Europe
Lithuania Europe
Luxembourg Europe
Malaysia Asia
Malta Europe
Mexico North America
Moldova Europe
Monaco Europe
Mongolia Asia
Montenegro Europe
Montserrat North America
Morocco Africa
Netherlands Europe
New Zealand Oceania
North Macedonia Europe
Norway Europe
Oman, Sultanate of Asia
Palestine Asia
Paraguay South America
Peru South America
Philippines Asia
Poland Europe
Portugal Europe
Romania Europe
Russia Europe
Saint Kitts & Nevis North America
Saint Lucia North America
Saint Vincent and Grenadines North America
Serbia Europe
Singapore Asia
Slovak Republic Europe
Slovenia Europe
South Africa Africa
Spain Europe
Sri Lanka Asia
Sweden Europe
Switzerland Europe
Taiwan Asia
Thailand Asia
Tunisia Africa
Turkey Europe
Turks and Caicos Islands North America
Ukraine Europe
United Arab Emirates Asia
USA North America
Vietnam Asia