The primary reason most people purchase a Thatcham Insurance Approved device (S5 or S7) is that their insurance provider requires it as a condition of coverage. Many insurance companies will not provide theft protection unless the policyholder has installed one of these approved security systems in their vehicle.

So you’ve been told by your insurance company that you need a Thatcham-Approved GPS vehicle tracker installed on your vehicle but you’ve no idea what type you need.

Be it for a sleek sports car, a sturdy van, or a luxurious motorhome, the options seem endless and the technical jargon can be perplexing.

Fear not; this ultimate buying guide is your compass to understanding, selecting, and installing the right Thatcham-Approved vehicle tracker for your needs.

At the heart of vehicle security are the Thatcham-Approved S5 and S7 GPS trackers, recognised for their robust security features and insurance benefits.

But what sets them apart? And more importantly, how do you choose the one that’s right for you and your vehicle?

This guide delves into the essential aspects of Thatcham certification, compares the S5 and S7 trackers in detail, and outlines the additional benefits that come with opting for a device that meets these esteemed standards.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore:

  • The Significance of Thatcham Approval: We’ll unravel the mystery behind Thatcham certification and discover why it’s a gold standard in vehicle security.
  • S5 vs. S7 Trackers: Get to grips with the key differences, security levels, and technologies behind these trackers to make an informed decision tailored to your security needs and budget.
  • Features to Look For: Dive into the advanced features of Thatcham-Approved insurance trackers, including driver recognition, real-time tracking, and even remote immobilisation.
  • GPSBob Mongoose Tracker Products: We’ll introduce you to our Mongoose line of products, showcasing their unique features and helping you understand the value they bring to your vehicle’s security, and your peace of mind.
  • Understanding Subscription Pricing and Benefits: We’ll break down the costs and the critical role of an active subscription in ensuring your tracker remains compliant with insurance requirements and offers 24/7 monitoring.
  • The Comprehensive Benefits: Beyond the immediate security features, we’ll articulate the broader benefits, such as keeping your insurance company happy, peace of mind, and compliance with industry standards.
  • Installation and Beyond: Guidance on the professional installation process, how to inform your insurance provider, and the ongoing support and additional services available through GPSBob.

Whether you’re an assurance seeker looking for a straightforward, effective solution, or a tech-appreciative user craving advanced features and modern technology convenience, this guide aims to equip you with all the information you need.

By the end, you’ll not only understand the importance of choosing a Thatcham-Approved tracker but also feel confident in selecting and installing a device that offers enhanced security, peace of mind, and saves you money over other Thatcham-Approved devices on the market.

So, buckle up, and let’s embark on this journey to secure your vehicle with the ultimate protection it deserves.

Understanding Thatcham Approval: S5 vs. S7 Trackers

Navigating the landscape of vehicle security, the distinction between Thatcham-Approved S5 and S7 trackers stands as a crucial consideration for vehicle owners seeking to bolster their vehicle’s safety and meet insurance criteria.

Thatcham Research, an independent automotive research centre, classifies vehicle security products to signify their effectiveness in theft prevention and recovery.

Here, we dissect the differences between S5 and S7 vehicle trackers, shedding light on their functionalities, security features, and how they align with varied security needs and budget constraints.

Thatcham Approval and Security Levels

S7 Insurance Trackers: The foundational tier for theft recovery systems, S7 trackers employ GPS technology to detect unauthorised movement of your vehicle.

  • These systems are pivotal in sending alerts to both the owner and 24/7 monitoring services with the vehicle’s exact location, aiding in swift recovery efforts.
  • S7 trackers are characterised by their capacity to offer 24/7 monitoring, motion sensor alerts, efficiently detecting towing or unauthorised movement even when the ignition is off.

S5 Trackers: Representing the pinnacle of Thatcham-Approved security solutions, S5 trackers amalgamate GPS and GSM technologies.

  • They distinguish themselves with enhanced security features, such as driver recognition systems capable of identifying unauthorised users.
  • This level of security is further bolstered by functionalities like real-time location tracking, two-way communication, tamper alerts, and for S5+ devices, vehicle immobilisation capabilities when the car is locked.

Key Features of Thatcham-Approved Trackers

The essential features that delineate S7 and S5 vehicle tracking devices encompass:

  • S7 Vehicle Tracking Devices – basic approval:
    • Motion Detection: Vital for triggering alerts upon unauthorised movement.
    • GPS Capabilities: Ensures precise location tracking.
    • 24/7 Monitoring: Offers round-the-clock surveillance.
    • Tamper Alerts: Notifies owners of any interference with the tracking device.
    • Alerts for Towing: Informs owners if the vehicle is towed unlawfully.
  • S5 Vehicle Tracking Devices – advanced (authorised driving):
    • Incorporates all S7 features.
    • Driver ID Tags: Enhances security by necessitating driver identification for operation.
    • Real-Time Location Tracking: Enables pinpoint accuracy in tracking the vehicle’s location
  • S5+ Vehicle Tracking Devices :
    • Everything from the S5 model, plus
    • Immobilisation: Allows for the deactivation of the vehicle. Engine wont start without the driver identification fob being present…no tag, no start.

GPSBob Mongoose Tracker Products Overview

In the landscape of Thatcham-Approved vehicle trackers, GPSBob takes pride in presenting the Mongoose line — a suite of products designed to cater to a broad spectrum of security needs and preferences.

Our commitment to combining innovation with reliability is reflected in each model, ensuring that whether you’re guarding a family car or a fleet of luxury vehicles, there’s a Mongoose tracker suited to your requirements.

GPSBob Mongoose S7 Insurance Approved Tracker

Price: £189 + subscription

Key Features: The Mongoose S7 tracker is your gateway to enhanced vehicle security with minimal fuss. It offers round-the-clock monitoring, leveraging GPS technology to provide precise location alerts in the event of unauthorised movement. Designed for those seeking straightforward, effective theft recovery solutions, the S7 model is both affordable and reliable.

It’s the ideal choice for vehicle owners who wish to meet the standard insurance requirements without overspending.

View product here

GPSBob Mongoose S5 Insurance Approved Tracker

Price: £369 + subscription

Key Features: Stepping up the security game, the Mongoose S5 tracker introduces advanced features like Driver ID tags meaning that if the vehicle is used without the driver identification tag present, an alert will be activated

This model is perfect for owners of high-value vehicles or those who demand the highest level of security and peace of mind

View product here

GPSBob Mongoose S5+ Insurance Approved Tracker

Price: £469 + subscription

Key Features: Building on the solid foundation of the S5, the Mongoose S5+ adds even more value with features designed for the tech-savvy vehicle owner including full immobilisation of the vehicle when starting without the driver ID tag present.

It includes all the benefits of the S5 model but enhances user convenience and security with additional functionalities tailored to modern demands.

This variant is suited for those who seek the pinnacle of vehicle tracking technology.

View product here

GPSBob Mongoose S5+ Sleeper Edition Insurance Approved Tracker

Price: £719 + subscription

Key Features: The pinnacle of the Mongoose line, the S5+ Sleeper Edition, is crafted for ultimate discretion and security. It boasts all the advanced features of the S5+ model while giving you added protection from a second GPS tracking device that can be discreetly hidden anywhere in the vehicle. This means that in the event of the main tracking device being removed or tampered with, a secondary device will still be active in the vehicle to track its exact location in real time.

This edition is the ultimate safeguard for those who leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting their vehicles.

View product here

Subscription Pricing and Benefits

Selecting the right Thatcham-Approved vehicle tracker from GPSBob’s Mongoose line is just the first step towards securing your vehicle.

To fully leverage the advanced security features and ensure continuous protection, an active subscription to our 24/7 monitoring service is essential.

To be fully compliant with the Thatcham stipulations, all insurance approved devices must have an active subscription attached. This ensures 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle, with our control centre keeping a vigilant eye on your vehicle at all times, you can rest easy knowing that any suspicious activity will be promptly addressed.

This section details the subscription options available, their pricing, and the myriad benefits they bring to the table, ensuring that your vehicle remains safeguarded against theft while complying with insurance requirements.

Unlike other companies offering Insurance-Approved vehicle trackers, our subscription is the same regardless of choosing an S5 or S7 device. Other companies will charge more for the same subscription when choosing the higher rated S5 model, whilst giving you no extra benefits.

Understanding Subscription Costs

GPSBob offers a range of subscription plans designed to match your needs and budget, providing flexibility and value. The subscription fees for our Thatcham-Approved trackers are as follows:

  • 1-year subscription: £120
  • 2-year subscription: £230
  • 3-year subscription: £340
  • 4-year subscription: £420
  • 5-year subscription: £490

These plans ensure that your tracker remains operational, with the control centre continuously monitoring your vehicle around the clock. In the event of unauthorised movement or tampering, instant alerts are sent out, and the control centre coordinates with you and the authorities to recover the vehicle swiftly.

The Benefits of Installing a Thatcham-Approved Tracker

Investing in a Thatcham-Approved tracker for your vehicle is more than a security measure; it’s a comprehensive approach to safeguarding one of your most valuable assets.

Thatcham Research is renowned for its rigorous testing and certification process, ensuring that only the most reliable and effective security devices earn their approval, something we have worked hard to obtain here at GPSBob.

By choosing a Thatcham-Approved tracker, such as those from GPSBob’s Mongoose line, you’re not just installing a tracking device; you’re enhancing your vehicle’s security, potentially reducing insurance premiums, and gaining peace of mind.

Below are the key benefits of installing a Thatcham-approved tracker:

Enhanced Security and Theft Recovery

The primary advantage of Thatcham-Approved trackers is their proven effectiveness in enhancing vehicle security and aiding in theft recovery. With features like GPS and GSM technology, motion detection, tamper alerts, and 24/7 monitoring, these trackers offer robust protection against unauthorised use and theft.

Advanced models, such as the S5 trackers, include additional security measures like driver recognition and immobilisation, significantly increasing the chances of recovering your vehicle in the unfortunate event of a theft.

Insurance Compliance and Potential Premium Reductions

Many insurance companies recognise the value of Thatcham-Approved trackers and, as a result, may offer reduced premiums for vehicles equipped with them. For many, it is a requirement of your insurance policy to have an approved device fitted also.

If this is a requirement, your insurer will advise you of this when setting up your policy and will generally give 30 days for you to install a device before refusing cover for theft.

This is particularly true for high-value vehicles, where the risk of theft is greater. An active subscription to a Thatcham-Approved tracking service like those offered by GPSBob ensures compliance with insurance requirements.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your vehicle is protected by a Thatcham-Approved tracker provides unparalleled peace of mind. Whether your car is parked  while you shop, stationed outside your home overnight, or even if you’re away on holiday, you can rest assured that your vehicle is under constant surveillance.

The immediate alerts and 24/7 monitoring mean that any unauthorised activity is quickly detected and addressed, reducing the likelihood of permanent loss.

Key Theft Protection

With the rise of sophisticated theft techniques, such as key cloning, the key theft protection offered by higher-tier trackers like the S5 is invaluable.

By requiring a separate transponder for vehicle operation, these trackers add an extra layer of security, making it much more difficult for thieves to unlawfully take possession of your vehicle.

With the S5 and S5+ models, you will receive a driver identification fob that should be kept separate from your vehicle’s key. This means that should a thief clone your car key, they still will not be able to drive away in the car without the required fob (S5+ Only) or if the vehicle taken you will get an active alert (S5)

Unlike other fobs on the market, GPSBob uses bank-level security technology to give you added protection. Our Time Based One Time Password (TOTP) technology means that your fob cannot be cloned as it outputs a new password that changes constantly

Compliance with Industry Standards

Choosing a Thatcham-Approved tracker means selecting a device that has been rigorously tested and certified to meet stringent security and performance standards.

This assurance of quality and reliability is recognised not just by insurance providers but also by security experts and vehicle owners alike.

In summary, installing a Thatcham-Approved tracker is a proactive step towards comprehensive vehicle security.

It not only enhances the protection of your vehicle against theft but also offers potential insurance benefits, peace of mind, and compliance with industry standards.

With the advanced technology and support provided by GPSBob, vehicle owners can enjoy these benefits, making a Thatcham-Approved tracker an essential investment for safeguarding your vehicle.

Choosing Between S5 and S7 Trackers: A Buyer’s Guide

Our number one tip for choosing between an S5 and S7 tracker is this: You will likely only require an insurance approved device if your insurer has stipulated this to you.

If your insurer is not stipulating this as a requirement for you to be insured with them, you may be better opting for a standard, non-insurance approved device instead.

This can save you a significant amount of money whilst still giving you the added protection of a GPS tracking device.

Deciding between an S5 and an S7 Thatcham-approved vehicle tracker can feel daunting, especially when both offer substantial benefits in terms of vehicle security.

However, understanding your specific needs and the unique features of each tracker category can simplify this decision.

This guide aims to provide clarity, helping you choose the tracker that aligns perfectly with your security requirements, lifestyle, and budget.

What Is Your Insurance Company Asking For?

Your insurance company will ask for a certain level of Thatcham approval, this will either be S5 or S7

Assessing Your Security Needs

Begin by evaluating the level of security you need for your vehicle. Consider factors such as the vehicle’s value, the areas it’s typically parked in, and your use case (personal, business, or leisure).

High-value vehicles, for example, might warrant the enhanced security features of an S5 tracker, while a vehicle used less frequently or stored in secure areas might be adequately protected by an S7 tracker.

S7 Trackers: The Essentials

Who It’s For: Ideal for those seeking basic yet effective protection, the S7 tracker offers essential security features such as:

  • GPS tracking for location pinpointing.
  • 24/7 monitoring for constant vigilance.
  • Motion sensor alerts to detect unauthorised movement.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Protection: With a lower upfront cost and subscription fees, S7 trackers provide a budget-friendly solution for reliable vehicle monitoring.
  • Insurance Compliance: Meets the minimum security requirements for many insurance companies.
  • Ease of Use: Simple functionality and straightforward tracking capabilities make S7 trackers an excellent choice for first-time tracker users.

S5 Trackers: Enhanced Security

Who It’s For: Suited for owners of high-value vehicles or those who demand the highest security level, S5 and S5+ trackers offer advanced features such as:

  • Driver recognition, ensuring only authorised users can operate the vehicle.
  • Immobilisation to stop thieves in their tracks (S5+)
  • Key theft protection, adding an extra layer of security against sophisticated theft techniques.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Theft Deterrence: The combination of driver recognition and remote immobilisation offers a robust defence mechanism, significantly enhancing your vehicle’s security.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: With real-time tracking and immediate theft alerts, S5 trackers provide peace of mind knowing your vehicle is under constant surveillance.
  • Insurance Advantages: The advanced security features of S5 trackers are often recognised by insurers.

Making Your Choice

When choosing between an S5 and S7 tracker, consider the following questions:

  • What level of security does my vehicle require?
  • Is the vehicle particularly attractive to thieves, either due to its value or model?
  • What is my budget for both the initial purchase and ongoing subscription fees?
  • How important are advanced features like remote immobilization and driver recognition to me?


In summary, if your priority is top-tier security with advanced features to protect a high-value vehicle, an S5+ tracker is the optimal choice.

For those requiring basic protection with a focus on cost-effectiveness, an S7 tracker will meet your needs admirably.

Remember, the goal is not just to choose a tracker but to select a security partner that aligns with your lifestyle and provides peace of mind. Whether you opt for the S5 or S7 tracker, GPSBob is committed to offering unparalleled support and service, ensuring your vehicle remains safe and secure.

Beyond Thatcham Approval

While Thatcham approval sets the baseline for vehicle tracker security and effectiveness, at GPSBob, we believe in going a step further.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond merely meeting industry standards; we aim to surpass them, providing value-added services and features that elevate the vehicle tracking experience.

This dedication is evident in the unique selling propositions (USP) of our GPSBob trackers, offering benefits that transcend the conventional expectations of a Thatcham-Approved device.

Comprehensive Vehicle Management

Every GPSBob tracker, including our Mongoose line, comes equipped with the GPSBob Home Plan tracking software and app.

This integration transforms a standard security tracker into a comprehensive vehicle management tool.

Features like real-time tracking, point-on-map display, and 30-day location history empower owners with detailed insights into their vehicle’s usage patterns.

This goes beyond theft prevention, enabling efficient maintenance scheduling, optimising usage, and even monitoring driver behaviour for shared or family vehicles.

Long-Term Value with Pre-Included Tracking Data

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, GPSBob trackers are designed with longevity and flexibility in mind.

Each device includes 5 years of tracking data on a pre-installed SIM card, ensuring continuous service without the immediate need for subscription renewal.

This approach addresses the concern of ongoing costs, providing a fixed cost solution that offers peace of mind and sustained value.

Whether you decide to maintain Thatcham certification or not, your GPSBob tracker remains a valuable asset in your vehicle’s security and management.

Adaptive Subscription Models

Our subscription models are crafted to suit varying customer needs, recognising that requirements may change over time.

Should you choose to discontinue Thatcham certification, the remaining tracking data ensures your device continues to function effectively as a standard GPS tracker.

This flexibility allows vehicle owners to adapt their security measures to their current circumstances without losing their initial investment’s value.

For example: If you subscribe to 12 months of the Thatcham subscription and then do not renew, you will still have 4 years tracking data available to use as a standard GPS tracking device.

The GPSBob Promise: Security, Support, and Satisfaction

Choosing a GPSBob tracker means investing in a product and service that values your vehicle’s security as much as you do. Our trackers, bolstered by Thatcham approval and enhanced by our unique offerings, represent the culmination of innovation in vehicle security technology.

In essence, while Thatcham approval is a testament to a tracker’s security capabilities, the GPSBob advantage lies in our broader commitment to your vehicle’s safety, management, and long-term value.

It’s not just about meeting standards; it’s about setting new ones.

Vehicle Compatibility: Understanding Your Options

When it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s security with a Thatcham-approved tracker, understanding the compatibility of these devices with your specific vehicle type is crucial. GPSBob’s range of Mongoose trackers is designed to offer flexible and comprehensive solutions, ensuring that whether you drive a sleek sports car, a robust van, or a luxurious motorhome, there’s a compatible tracking option available.

This section guides you through general compatibility considerations, special notes for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids, and how to confirm your vehicle’s compatibility with GPSBob tracking systems.

EV’s and Hybrids dont have starter motor so can’t cut this for immobilsation

contact for information about compatibilyt befor purchase

S5 and S7 will work for all vehicles, S5+ wont for all cars

General Compatibility

The beauty of GPSBob’s Mongoose trackers lies in their broad compatibility with a wide array of vehicle types.

The S5 and S7 models will work for any vehicle, where the S5+ immobilisation may not work on certain vehicles that do not have a starter motor. This is because the immobilisation works by cutting the starter motor thus meaning the engine does not start.

From personal cars to vans, motorcycles, motorhomes, and caravans, our trackers are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s existing systems.

The installation process, carried out by certified professionals, ensures that the tracker not only fits perfectly but also functions optimally, providing you with the highest level of security and peace of mind.

Special Considerations for EVs and Hybrids

With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids, compatibility concerns have evolved. These vehicle types often come with sophisticated electronics and power systems that differ significantly from traditional combustion engines.

GPSBob recognises these differences and offers solutions tailored to the unique needs of EVs and hybrids.

Specifically, our trackers are compatible with these vehicles on the S5 and S7 models, however the S5+ may not work for the immobilisation features as mentioned above.

However, it’s important to note that compatibility can vary based on individual vehicle specifications.

For EV and hybrid owners, ensuring your vehicle can accommodate a Thatcham-approved tracker involves verifying these specific compatibility details.

Please contact us for more information about the compatibility of devices for your specific vehicle if you have an EV or Hybrid vehicle.

Installation Process and Requirements

Choosing the right Thatcham-Approved tracker for your vehicle is a critical step towards enhancing its security.

However, the effectiveness of these devices is significantly dependent on their proper installation.

At GPSBob, we recognise the importance of a seamless installation process, ensuring that your vehicle’s tracker is set up correctly to provide the maximum level of security and compliance with insurance requirements.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the installation process and requirements for your GPSBob Mongoose tracker.

Installation costs are fully included in the price of your vehicle tracker too!

Professional Installation by Technicians

GPSBob has established a network of professional installers across the UK, ensuring that wherever you are, a certified technician is available to fit your tracker.

Our installers are trained to handle the specific requirements of Thatcham-Approved devices, ensuring that every installation meets both Thatcham’s rigorous standards and our own high benchmarks for quality and reliability.

Our technicians are not just skilled in installations but are also knowledgeable about the latest vehicle security technologies, ensuring that your tracker is installed with an expert touch.

Scheduling Your Installation

Understanding that our customers have busy schedules, GPSBob offers flexible installation appointments. Whether at your home, workplace, or another convenient location, our aim is to make the installation process as hassle-free as possible.

  • Convenience: Schedule your installation at a time and place that suits you, minimising disruption to your day.
  • Efficiency: Our team is committed to ensuring that the installation process is quick and efficient, typically completing the job within a few hours.

When purchasing a Thatcham-Approved device you will be asked to select 3 preferred dates for installation. We have a 99% success rate on getting you the date and time requested.

After purchase, one of our friendly team will get in touch with you to confirm the date, time and location for your installation.  

Installation Process

The installation process involves a series of steps meticulously carried out by our professional installers:

  1. Pre-Installation Check: A comprehensive vehicle check is conducted to ensure that the installation will not interfere with any existing vehicle systems.
  2. Device Fitting: The tracker is fitted discreetly within your vehicle, ensuring that it is not only concealed from potential thieves but also integrated seamlessly with your vehicle’s electrical systems.
  3. System Testing: Following installation, the system is rigorously tested to ensure that it communicates effectively with our monitoring centre and that all features, such as motion detection and real-time tracking, function as intended.
  4. Customer Orientation: Before completing the installation, our technician will guide you through the basic functionalities of your tracker, ensuring you understand how to access tracking information and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Professional installation will generally take between 30-60 minutes. We just need the keys and access to the vehicle leaving you to get on with your day whilst we install your tracking device.

Completion Certificate

Upon the successful installation of your GPSBob Mongoose tracker, you will receive a completion certificate. This document is crucial for several reasons:

  • Insurance Compliance: Many insurers require proof of professional installation for Thatcham-Approved trackers. The completion certificate serves as this proof, potentially aiding in the reduction of your insurance premiums.
  • Warranty Activation: The certificate also activates your product warranty, ensuring that you have full support and protection for your investment.

In summary, the installation process for your GPSBob tracker is designed to be thorough, efficient, and tailored to your convenience.

With professional, certified installers across the UK, flexible scheduling, and a comprehensive post-installation support structure, we ensure that your vehicle’s security is enhanced without compromise.

Informing Your Insurance Company

Once your Thatcham-Approved GPSBob Mongoose tracker is installed, the next crucial step is to inform your insurance company.

This step is not just about fulfilling a requirement; it’s a proactive measure that can significantly enhance your vehicle’s security profile.

Some insurers will not require you to send them the certificate, but will need to see this as proof in the event of your vehicle being stolen.

Here’s a guide to smoothly navigate this process, ensuring that you fully leverage the benefits of your newly installed tracker.

The Importance of Notification

Informing your insurance provider about the installation of a Thatcham-Approved vehicle tracker is crucial for several reasons:

  • Compliance: It ensures that your insurance policy reflects the enhanced security measures you’ve taken, aligning with any stipulations regarding vehicle security devices.
  • Potential Premium Reduction: Some insurers offer slightly reduced premiums for vehicles equipped with approved trackers, recognising the lowered theft risk and increased recovery chances.
  • Peace of Mind: You’ll have the assurance that, in the event of theft, your insurer is fully aware of your vehicle’s security features, streamlining the claim process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Informing Your Insurer

  1. Gather Documentation: After installation, you will receive a completion certificate from GPSBob, detailing the tracker model and confirming its Thatcham approval. This document serves as proof of installation.
  2. Contact Your Insurance Provider: Reach out to your insurer as soon as possible after installation. Most companies offer multiple channels for communication, including phone, email, or a customer portal.
  3. Provide Tracker Details: Inform your insurance representative about the tracker installation, specifying the model (S5 or S7) and highlighting its Thatcham-approved status. Be ready to provide the serial number of the device and any relevant details from the completion certificate.
  4. Discuss Premium Adjustments: Ask about potential adjustments to your insurance premiums. Given the enhanced security provided by the tracker, you may be eligible for a reduction. Ensure that any changes are reflected in your policy documentation.
  5. Update Your Policy: Once your insurer acknowledges the installation of the tracker, make sure your policy is updated accordingly. Request written confirmation of any changes to your premium or coverage.
  6. Keep Records: Retain a copy of the communication with your insurer and any updated policy documents. These records could be invaluable in the event of a claim or if any discrepancies arise regarding your insurance coverage.

Additional Tips

  • Be Proactive: Don’t wait for your insurer to ask about vehicle security measures. Taking the initiative can demonstrate your commitment to protecting your asset, potentially influencing premium calculations in your favor.
  • Review Annually: Vehicle security technology and insurance policies evolve. Make it a habit to discuss your tracker and any new security measures during your annual policy review, ensuring your coverage remains optimal.

By following these steps, you not only ensure compliance with your insurance policy but also maximize the potential benefits, including premium reductions and a streamlined claims process, stemming from your investment in a Thatcham-approved GPSBob Mongoose tracker.

The GPSBob Commitment to Security

Choosing a GPSBob Mongoose tracker is more than just a purchase; it’s an investment in peace of mind. Our additional services, including the recovery partners and vehicle finders network, exemplify our commitment to not just tracking your vehicle but ensuring its safe return in the event of theft. With GPSBob, you have the assurance of comprehensive protection, backed by technology, expertise, and a dedicated team committed to your vehicle’s security.

Conclusion and Next Steps

As you’ve navigated through this comprehensive guide, you’ve gained insight into the critical importance of equipping your vehicle with a Thatcham-approved tracker, understood the distinctive features and benefits of S5 and S7 trackers, and explored the advanced security and convenience offered by GPSBob’s Mongoose product line.

You now stand at a pivotal point, equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision that will enhance the security of your vehicle and provide you with peace of mind.

Your Next Steps

  1. Assess Your Needs: Reflect on the security requirements of your vehicle, considering factors such as its value, usage, and the areas it frequents. Balance these needs against your budget and the unique features offered by the S5, S5+ and S7 trackers.
  2. Explore Your Options: Visit our dedicated Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers page. Here, you’ll find detailed information on each GPSBob Mongoose tracker, allowing you to compare options side-by-side and select the device that best suits your needs.
  3. Make an Informed Purchase: Once you’ve identified the perfect Thatcham-Approved tracker for your vehicle, you can confidently make your purchase directly through our website. Our secure and user-friendly online platform ensures a smooth transaction process.
  4. Schedule Your Installation: After purchasing, we’ll be in touch to confirm one of your three preferred install dates. Our network of certified installers across the UK ensures that your new tracker will be fitted promptly and correctly, maximising its effectiveness and ensuring compliance with Thatcham standards.
  5. Inform Your Insurance Provider: Don’t forget to inform your insurance company about the installation of your Thatcham-approved tracker. This step is crucial for compliance.