Ready for an electrifying update from the automotive world? The 2024 World Car of the Year has been announced, and it’s a game-changer that’s sparking conversations across the globe. Celebrating its 20th year, the World Car Awards has always been the Oscars of the automotive industry, and this year, it’s driven home by none other than the Kia EV9.

2024 World Car of the Year: Kia EV9 Charges Ahead

In a thrilling finale, the Kia EV9 outpaced its rivals to clinch the coveted title of the 2024 World Car of the Year. This all-electric, three-row SUV isn’t just a car; it’s a statement on wheels. Kia’s President and CEO, Ho Sung Song, couldn’t hide his excitement, declaring it a “huge honour” for the EV9 to be recognised not only as the World Car of the Year but also the World Electric Vehicle.

The EV9’s victory is a testament to Kia’s commitment to electrification and innovation. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly performance, the EV9 is setting a new standard for electric SUVs.

The Finalists and Fellow Winners

The competition was fierce, with the BYD Seal and Volvo EX30 rounding out the top three. However, it was the Kia EV9 that ultimately electrified the panel of over 100 international automotive journalists from 29 countries, who put each contender through its paces before casting their votes.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The World Car Awards also celebrated excellence across various categories:

  • World Electric Vehicle: Kia EV9 (Again, taking the double crown!)
  • World Luxury Car: BMW 5 Series / i5, blending performance with opulence.
  • World Performance Car: Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, where speed meets sustainability.
  • World Urban Car: Volvo EX30, the ideal companion for city dwellers.
  • World Car Design of the Year: Ford Bronco, for its rugged charm and iconic design.

These winners were announced in style at the 2024 New York International Auto Show on March 27, 2024, marking a significant moment in automotive history.

A Milestone Celebration

This year’s World Car Awards not only celebrated the best in automotive excellence but also marked two decades of innovation, design, and environmental stewardship. As we shift gears towards a more sustainable future, the spotlight on electric vehicles like the Kia EV9 is more important than ever.

The awards shine a light on the industry’s shift towards greener, more sustainable modes of transportation, with electric vehicles taking center stage. It’s clear that the future of driving is electric, and with cars like the Kia EV9 leading the charge, that future looks brighter—and more thrilling—than ever.

Driving into the Future

As we celebrate these automotive marvels, it’s exciting to think about what the next 20 years will bring. The 2024 World Car of the Year Awards have set the bar high, showcasing the incredible potential of electric vehicles and the ongoing innovation in the auto industry.

Here’s to the road ahead, where sustainability, performance, and design drive us towards a better tomorrow. The Kia EV9’s victory is not just a win for Kia; it’s a win for the planet, proving that we can all enjoy the journey without leaving a trace.