GPSBob Mongoose S5 UK Insurance Approved S5 Tracker

UK Insurance Approved S5

Installation included



  • You can save money by selecting a longer subscription if you plan to keep the car

    We require you to select 3 preferred dates for your tracking device to be installed. Please select 3 different dates for installation. We will try to accommodate one of these dates. We will be in touch with you to confirm the date within 2 business days of your purchase. 

To continue with active monitoring for insurance purposes this costs £120 a year

This GPS tracker uses the 2G network meaning it will work in the UK and most EU countries.

Dimensions 72,5 x 73 x 27,3 mm (L x W x H)

At 12V < 7 mA when not moving
At 12V < 25 mA when moving/tracking

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Meet Mongoose from GPSBob – UK Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker

The price includes fitting by one of our approved engineers

You must have an active subscription to our 24/7 monitoring service (needed to meet the requirement for insurance purposes)

Thatcham Category S5

Insurance companies now require vehicles above a specified value to be equipped with a S5 vehicle tracking system

Mongoose S5 tracking systems provides the highest level of security features, adding to the safety of your vehicle, using your phone for Automatic driver recognition (ADR), we can identify approved drivers, and send an alert if your vehicle is moved without an approved driver present

The device works as a normal GPSBob tracker with 5 years of tracking included, so once the monitoring period expires, it will revert back to a standard GPSBob tracker and give you tracking for the remainder of the 5 years from the installation date. Alternatively, you can renew the 24/7 monitoring to keep it for insurance purposes

GPSBob also has a nationwide network of approved recovery partners and vehicle finders, who can, on request, find your vehicle arrange recover you’re vehicle to a safe place if the police are unable to immediately deal with your theft. Charges for this service do apply and can be quoted at the time.

* iPhone 4S or above and Samsung Galaxy S9 or above, other phones may or may not work

What’s the difference between a Thatcham Approved Tracker and Standard GPS Trackers?

Thatcham Approved Trackers are GPS trackers that meet the highest standards for quality and reliability set by the Thatcham Research Centre.

They are often required by insurance companies on high-value or high-risk vehicles.

Thatcham Approved Trackers also receive priority 1 police response in case of theft, and are linked to a 24/7 approved call centre, increasing the chances of a quick recovery.

Standard GPS trackers do not meet the same high standards and may not be eligible for insurance discounts.

FREE Professional Installation of  Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker

Once you purchase your  Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker, you will receive the tracking device in the post.

We will then arrange a date and time with you for one of our friendly and professional installation team to install your vehicle tracking device to the correct standard.

GPS Vehicle Tracking - GPS Car Tracking

Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker for Cars

Looking for a way to keep your car safe? GPSBob offers a GPS vehicle tracker for cars that might be just what you need.

This device can help prevent theft and provide mileage tracking.

GPSBob’s car tracking devices are a great choice whether you want to monitor a teenage driver, track company vehicles, or keep an eye on your car’s location while you’re away.

Choose GPSBob for a thorough and reliable GPS vehicle tracker for your car.

Order now and experience the benefits of a secure and protected vehicle.

Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker for Vans

Tired of worrying about the security of your van while you work? Looking for ways to improve productivity and streamline operations?

Consider installing a GPS vehicle tracker for vans. This device lets you monitor your van’s location, speed, and route in real-time. With this information, you’ll have better insight into your deliveries and appointments.

With features like geofencing and push alerts (available on our Professional or Enterprise plans), you can ensure responsible and efficient use of your van. Spend less time and resources and satisfy more customers.

Choose a GPS vehicle tracker for vans to improve your business operations and provide peace of mind.

Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker for Motorhomes and Camper Vans

Are you an owner of a motorhome or camper van? We understand that you see your vehicle as more than just a mode of transportation; it’s your pride and joy, right?

Sadly, these vehicles are often targeted by thieves. But, with a GPS vehicle tracker for motorhomes and camper vans from GPSBob, you can enjoy your adventure without the worry of theft.

Protect your vehicle and travel with confidence with GPSBob. Order your GPSBob motorhome or camper van tracking device today and enjoy peace of mind on all your trips.

What’s in the box? Let’s see what you get when buying an Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker from GPSBob

Your order will be sent by next day courier service and includes everything you need to get up and running quickly inside the box.

You’ll receive your GPS tracker device, sim card preloaded with 5 years tracking data, and a handy booklet showing you to get started using the GPS tracking App and Software.

There’s no need to do anything when you initially get your tracking device. We will arrange your professional installation upon receiving your order.

Free Home Plan GPS Tracking Software and App

A GPS tracker device is useless without the software to see where your device is located. With GPSBob, you get our free Home Plan tracking software and app included with every purchase. The app and software are powerful yet simple to use and you can also upgrade to our Professional or Enterprise plans for more advanced features.

Learn more about the App and Software