Easy Two-Wire Install GPS Trackers

Our most powerful tracker that installs to a vehicle battery in a matter of minutes. Perfect for cars, vans, HGVs or any vehicle with a battery. These devices will track LIVE every 30seconds whilst moving.

Easy Plug & Play GPS Trackers

The most simple of ways to get GPS tracking installed in your vehicle is by using a plug-and-play tracker. Simply connect the device to either your vehicles OBD port or the cigarette lighter outlet and you can be up and running in no time at all! These devices will track LIVE every 30seconds whilst moving.

Portable Live Tracking Devices

GPS trackers that require no installation. These small but powerful GPS trackers are 100% portable and track every 30 seconds whilst moving.

Periodic Reporting Long Life

These are devices which are designed to work for long period of time on a self contained battery. To gain the longevity of the battery the devices will ONLY report in every 6-12 hours to give there location then go back into deep sleep. You can configure them to send alerts on motion and track at quicker intervals when moving (up to every 5 minutes) but note this will affect the longevity of the battery life.


  • Hard wired

    Extends battery life

  • Extremely strong magnet


  • Strong Magnetics

    Easy install

  • 57,000 mah


  • Easily tuck the device away

    50cm Long