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How do I set my device up?

There is nothing for you to do as all devices come pre-loaded with a sim card that has enough data to last 5 years with normal use and covers 100 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania, so your more than covered! If you do want to check if an area […]

What does ‘normal use’ mean exactly?

Normal use for a vehicle installed device would be 8-10 hours of tracking per day (This is when the vehicle is moving).When we refer to normal use on portable devices to indicate battery lifespan this is usually 4-6 hours of movement a day.

What software plan do I need?

That’s all down to you…every device comes with the Home plan for free for life! And this gives you Live GPS tracking, updated every 30 seconds, Location history for 30 days and you can have multiple vehicles on the same account! We have other plans, Professional and Enterprise, which offer other great benefits such as […]


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Personal Tracker User Guide

Now you have your new GPSBob device, installation is simple, just follow the instructions that relates to your device and Bobs your uncle! All devices are pre installed with a sim card and are ready to use. We provide you with enough data to last over 5 years with normal use. Remaining data can be […]

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Mobile App Guide

Check out our app guide which gives you an overview of the main features you can expect to find