How do I set my device up?

There is nothing for you to do as all devices come pre-loaded with a sim card that has enough data to last 5 years with normal use and covers 100 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania, so your more than covered! If you do want to check if an area […]

What does ‘normal use’ mean exactly?

Normal use for a vehicle installed device would be 8-10 hours of tracking per day (This is when the vehicle is moving).When we refer to normal use on portable devices to indicate battery lifespan this is usually 4-6 hours of movement a day.

What software plan do I need?

That’s all down to you…every device comes with the Home plan for free for life! And this gives you Live GPS tracking, updated every 30 seconds, Location history for 30 days and you can have multiple vehicles on the same account! We have other plans, Professional and Enterprise, which offer other great benefits such as […]

Can I top-up my device sim card data easily?

When you finally have to top up your device, in the distant future, it couldn’t be easier!! This is all done within the app, and currently this cost is £60 (as of August 2022) and would give another 5 years of service. But keeping a track of your remaining time is simple, just keep an […]

How long does the battery last on the Asset Tracking Devices?

The asset trackers are designed to be fitted and forget about, they will just sit there doing there thing, reporting in every 12 hours by default. We currently supply 2 different types of asset tracker GL521MG which lasts between 1-2 years, but can be recharged once flat GL502MG which will last 5 years and beyond, […]

How long does the battery last on the Personal Tracking Devices?

We currently have a few personal devices available which suit different purposes TMT250 which is small, 2G and gives 1-2 days of use between charges GL320MG which is slightly bigger and 4G capable, which lasts 1-2 weeks Pebble Tracker which is a small and simple 2G device which lasts 5-7 days All can be easily […]

Do the devices have a battery?

All the devices we supply do have batteries. The portable devices have larger batteries giving longer life, whereas the vehicle devices have a small internal battery, as they are connected to power of the vehicle it is rarely used. If they do become disconnected the battery will last a couple of hours and they will […]

How much do your tracking devices cost?

Unlike many of our competitors, GPSBob don’t charge monthly subscription fees or tie you into contracts. With low upfront costs from as little as only £129/$199, GPSBob is the affordable solution for your needs.

How much do you charge for shipping my new GPS tracker?

If you live in the UK, shipping costs absolutely nothing. We ship using trusted couriers and your order should arrive within 24 hours when placed before 2pm Monday to Friday. We also ship internationally and this cost is calculated at checkout.