4G Dashcam including 5 Years GPS Tracking

Installation Included

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  • All GPS tracker devices include our Home Plan GPS tracking app and software free. You can upgrade to our Professional or Enterprise plans below.

This device uses LTE Cat 4 with 3G and 2G fall-back, to keep you connected at all times

Yes, the device comes pre-installed with a 128BG SD card

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Introducing the GPSBob Dashcam


Experience peace of mind on the road with the GPSBob Dashcam, a cutting-edge device pre-installed with a SIM card, ready to go once our expert engineer sets it up for you. With our all-in-one solution, we provide you with ample data to last an impressive 5 years under normal usage.


But that’s not all! When you choose the GPSBob Dashcam, you receive unlimited access to our Home Subscription level, granting you exclusive benefits such as tracking and viewing your device’s movements over the past month. It’s the perfect way to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.


In addition to its exceptional features, the GPSBob Dashcam offers unparalleled convenience. Our professional installers will seamlessly fit the unit for you on your preferred installation date, allowing you to sit back and let the device do the rest. With its live tracking capabilities, you can monitor your vehicle’s location in real-time, providing peace of mind and an invaluable tool in case of accidents.


Accessing and reviewing the footage captured by the GPSBob Dashcam is a breeze. Simply remove the SD card from the device and connect it to a computer to effortlessly view the files. It’s as simple as that!


When it comes to tracking, the GPSBob Dashcam shines. It records your vehicle’s movements every 30 seconds while in motion, clearly indicating start and stop locations. You can trust that every detail is captured, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your journeys.


Designed with precision and style, the GPSBob Dashcam boasts front and rear-facing cameras, capturing high-definition video of both the road ahead and the driver. It’s a game-changer in video telematics, providing unmatched clarity and a comprehensive view of your driving experience.



  • Length: 127.77mm
  • Width: 53.93mm
  • Height: 106.69mm


Don’t miss out on the GPSBob Dashcam – the ultimate web-connected video telematics solution. Upgrade your subscription level through our user-friendly apps or website to unlock additional features and functions tailored to your needs. Drive with confidence, knowing that the GPSBob Dashcam has your back at every turn.

Worldwide 4G Coverage