It seems that insurance premiums are seeing a consistent rise in the UK, and we know that many vehicle owners are seeking ways to reduce these costs.

The technological marvel of GPS trackers, more than just navigational tools, can be a key solution in this quest.

In this post we look at how insurance approved vehicle trackers can help you to reduce your premiums whilst giving you the peace of mind over your vehicle’s security.

What are Insurance Approved GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers are devices that leverage global positioning technology to locate a vehicle.

Those labeled “insurance approved” adhere to the rigorous standards set by insurance companies, ensuring they’re trustworthy and accurate, and more importantly, are good enough to reduce insurance risk in order to lower your overall premiums.

Thatcham Approved Devices

Thatcham Research Centre, a leading authority on vehicle security in the UK, provides critical categorisations for vehicle security products.

When a device is Thatcham-approved, it means it’s met strict criteria for effectiveness and reliability.

Within this approval, there are two different categories specific to vehicle tracking devices:

Thatcham Category S7

S7 trackers are equipped with features that are essential to ensure vehicle safety.

This includes vehicle motion detection, top-notch GPS capabilities, and the assurance of 24/7 monitoring.

These trackers provide a straightforward yet efficient method to keep tabs on one’s car.

Importantly, S7 trackers are typically more budget-friendly, making them a preferred choice for those seeking effective monitoring without a heavier price tag.

However, it’s worth noting that S7 trackers cannot immobilise a stolen car remotely.

Check out our range of S7 Category trackers below:

Thatcham Category S5

S5 trackers come with all the features present in S7 and add a few notable advancements.

A defining characteristic of the S5 tracker is the presence of a driver identification device. This ensures that any unauthorised use of the vehicle is immediately detected and reported.

Moreover, some advanced S5 trackers boast the unique ability to immobilise a stolen car from a remote location, giving vehicle owners and security personnel a distinct advantage in theft situations.

While S5 trackers come at a higher price point compared to S7, they offer enhanced features, with the possibility of remote immobilisation being a standout perk.

Check out our range of S5 Category trackers below:

What’s the Difference Between Category S5 and Category S7?

When opting for a vehicle tracker, the distinctions between Thatcham’s Category S5 and Category S7 might seem subtle, yet they are critical for an informed decision. Both trackers bring a suite of advantages to the table, but their differences cater to varied needs and preferences.

  1. Driver Identification Device: The most defining difference is the driver identification feature. Only the S5 trackers come with this unique feature, ensuring that any unauthorized use of the vehicle is immediately detected. In the event the vehicle is used without the approved driver ID, an alert is sent, signaling potential theft or unauthorized use.
  2. Remote Immobilisation: Another salient distinction is the ability to remotely immobilise a stolen vehicle. This capability is exclusive to the S5 trackers. It provides an added layer of security, allowing professionals to halt the vehicle’s operations remotely if a theft is detected.
  3. Price Point: When it comes to affordability, S7 trackers generally edge out. They are designed to offer fundamental tracking features, making them more budget-friendly. While S5 trackers come with a higher price tag, the added features and security measures often justify the cost for many users.
  4. Core Similarities: Both S5 and S7 trackers are equipped with vehicle motion detection, precision GPS tracking, and the assurance of 24/7 monitoring. They both adhere to Thatcham’s strict standards, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in their operations.

In conclusion, while both S5 and S7 offer reliable vehicle tracking solutions, the choice between them depends on the individual’s security needs and budget considerations. Whether seeking basic protection with S7 or enhanced features with S5, both trackers offer peace of mind when it comes to vehicle safety.

Why do Insurance Approved Tracker Devices Reduce Premiums?

Theft Deterrent

The very presence of a tracker can act as a deterrent for potential thieves. When they know a vehicle can be tracked in real-time, they’re less likely to target it.

Quick Recovery

In the unfortunate event of theft, these trackers can provide real-time data on the vehicle’s location, ensuring law enforcement can recover it promptly, often before significant damage or alterations occur.

Real-Time Monitoring

24/7 control room monitoring is all part and parcel of Thatcham Approved Tracking devices meaning that upon detecting a theft, the advanced monitoring system instantly alerts the dedicated Control Room.

This triggers a level 1 police response, ensuring immediate action. With the precise location data provided by the tracker, the Control Room effectively guides the police unit straight to the vehicle.

Professional Installation

These approved devices are require professional installation, ensuring they function optimally and are hard for thieves to locate and tamper with.


In an era of rising insurance premiums, every vehicle owner seeks ways to ensure their vehicle’s safety while also saving on costs.

Insurance-approved vehicle trackers, especially those with Thatcham approval, offer an effective solution.

By investing in these devices, owners can potentially reduce their premiums, all while enhancing their vehicle’s security.

If you’re keen on enhancing your vehicle’s security and saving on insurance premiums, delve deeper into our range of insurance approved vehicle trackers.