Join us as we delve into the movers and shakers of the UK’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) market for 2024 and look at the most registered Light Commercial Vehicles in the UK as of January 2024.

With a keen eye on the latest data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), we’re here to bring you the lowdown on the LCVs that are driving British businesses forward.

In the spotlight this January 2024, a commendable tally of 23,962 new LCVs hit the roads, marking an 8.4% uptick from the previous year. This growth underscores a robust demand in the commercial sector, with a particular nod to the surge in eco-conscious transportation solutions.

Leading the charge, Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles (BEVs) have electrified the market with a 19.4% increase in registrations, jumping from 993 units in January 2023 to 1,186 in 2024. Diesel vehicles, not far behind, have also seen a resurgence with a 7.7% increase, reflecting a diverse appetite among UK businesses for both traditional and green fleets.

4x4s have roared to prominence with a 62.4% year-on-year growth, showcasing their rising popularity in rugged utility and versatility.

As we gear up to reveal the top 10 best-selling light commercial vehicles that are powering UK businesses in 2024, join us in exploring the models that are not just transporting goods, but are also driving the future of British trade and commerce.

1. Ford Transit Custom – 2,656 New Registrations

The Ford Transit Custom, a perennial favourite, continues to dominate the market with 2,656 new registrations.

This versatile van has been a staple of UK van sales charts for years and has recently won the Parkers Commercial Vehicle of the Year award. 

The new version offers an excellent driving experience, practicality, and a wide range of driver assistance systems.

2. Ford Transit – 1,898 New Registrations

The Ford Transit, with 1,898 new registrations, is a large van that combines excellent load capacity with a car-like driving experience and comfort.

It has been a consistent performer in the UK van market and has recently won the Best Large Van award from Parkers.

3. Vauxhall Vivaro – 1,612 New Registrations

The Vauxhall Vivaro, with 1,612 new registrations, is a popular choice known for its spaciousness and efficiency.

The electric version, Vauxhall Vivaro Electric, was the best-selling battery electric vehicle (BEV) in the UK in 2023.

4. Citroen Berlingo – 1,598 New Registrations

The Citroen Berlingo, with 1,598 new registrations, is a reliable and economical small van that has been well-received by small business owners.

5. Ford Ranger – 1,484 New Registrations

The Ford Ranger, with 1,484 new registrations, is a robust and capable pickup truck that has recently won the Best Pickup prize at the Parkers Van and Pickup Awards.

6. Volkswagen Transporter – 1,264 New Registrations

The Volkswagen Transporter, with 1,264 new registrations, is a well-regarded medium van known for its quality and versatility.

7. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – 1,235 New Registrations

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, with 1,235 new registrations, is a large van that offers comfort, excellent load capacity, and a comprehensive dealer network.

8. Toyota Hilux – 1,161 New Registrations

The Toyota Hilux, with 1,161 new registrations, is a durable and reliable pickup truck known for its off-road capabilities and industry-leading dealer network.

9. Peugeot Partner – 789 New Registrations

The Peugeot Partner, with 789 new registrations, is a well-regarded small van with a maximum load space of up to 3.8m³ and a maximum load length of up to 2.1 meters.

10. Ford Transit Connect – 661 New Registrations

The Ford Transit Connect, with 661 new registrations, is a compact and efficient van suitable for various business needs.

And there you have it – the crème de la crème of the UK’s light commercial vehicles for 2024. As the year unfolds, it’ll be intriguing to see which models climb the ranks and which new contenders emerge on this list.

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