All GPS Tracking Devices come FREE with our Home Plan tracking app and software

Two-wire 12/24v GPS Tracker 4G LTE CATM1/NB1

4G Connected

Works Globally



Our most advanced GPS tracker is still super simple to install. Simply connect the two wires to your vehicle battery and you can be up and running with GPS tracking within minutes. Great for cars, vans, HGV’s and more, offering a more powerful and covert way to track your vehicles.

This GPS tracker can use 4G CAT M1 and 2G means it will work globally.

Power consumption

At 12V < 5 mA (Deep Sleep)

At 12V < 34 mA (nominal with no load)


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The GPSBob tracker is pre-installed with a sim card and is ready to use. We provide you with enough data to last 5 years with normal use. Remaining data can be viewed within the app, and once depleted can be quickly topped up to allow for another 5 years of data. Every device comes with unlimited access to our Home Subscription level, which allows you to track and view the device’s movements over the last month. Additional features and functions can be enabled by increasing your subscription level in the apps or on the website.

This device will track every 30 seconds whilst moving and indicate Start and Stop Locations.

This device is 4G LTE capable to work globally

Dimensions 70,5 x 67,0 x 25,6 mm (L x W x H)

Power consumption

At 12V < 5 mA (Deep Sleep)

At 12V < 34 mA (nominal with no load)