12/24v Socket Tracker Install Guide

Now you have your new GPSBob device, installation is simple, just follow the instructions that relates to your device and Bobs your uncle!

All devices are pre installed with a sim card and are ready to use. We provide you with enough data loaded on to last 5 years with normal use. Remaining sim life span can be viewed within the app, and once depleted can be quickly topped up to allow for another 5 years years of service.

Every device come with an unlimited access to our Home Subscription level, which allows you to track and view the devices movements over the last month.

Additional features and functions can be enabled by increasing your subscription level in the apps or on the website.

Install and setup

Simply plug the tracker into your cigarette lighter socket and the lights will start flashing. If the device has been powered down for a period of time, it will need around 10 minutes to allow it to find GPS again.