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How it Works

1. Choose your GPS tracking unit

The first step in getting GPS tracking is to choose a GPS tracking unit from our great range of trackers.

We have a GPS tracker suitable for all your needs, whether you want to track cars, trucks or other vehicles, or even GPS tracking for dogs, children or other assets.

Check out our shop page where you can see the selection of trackers available to purchase on our website.

Shop all GPS Trackers

2. We ship your trackers

Once you have chosen your GPS tracker, we will ship this anywhere in UK completely free of charge, and we also ship worldwide for a small shipping fee.

Your new tracking unit will be with you within a matter of days, ready to install and start tracking.

Your tracker will be shipped safely and securely using our trusted courier service so you can rest assured that your new GPS tracking will arrive safe and sound, ready to be installed and used.

3. Sign up for an account through our tracking software or app

Once your tracker arrives, head over to our web software or download our mobile app for Android or iOS, and sign up for an account.

All GPS trackers from GPSBob start on our basic Home plan, giving you point-on-map location tracking and history data for up to 30 days.

Once you’re signed in you can get tracking! If you wish to unlock further features or add further trackers to your plan, you can upgrade or add new units from right inside the software.

4. Install your new GPS tracker

Installation is so easy with GPSBob trackers. Either plug and play to get started straight away, or simple two-wire installation to your vehicle battery within a few minutes (can be installed anywhere with a 12/24v power feed, battery is usually easiest but your use case may require it to be in another preferred location, as long as its not in a metal box it should be fine)

We have full installation guides available in our resources centre that make install really simple.

All our trackers come loaded with sim-card and data meaning you can be up and running within minutes.

Read our simple install guides