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Professional Plan

Everything included from the Home Plan plus much more

Our Professional plan steps up a gear and provides you with even more powerful features and functionality within the GPS tracking software platform.

You can keep vehicles on the Home plan and move some onto the Professional plan and still see all the vehicles within the one software platform

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Historical location data for the last 12 months

The Professional plan increases the amount of historical data that is stored to 12 months, allowing you access to important historic location information

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Map and Hybrid Map views

See your units on either the normal map or see more detail on the Hybrid map view

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Create zones on the map that can generate alerts should a vehicle leave or enter this zone.

This allows you to monitor unauthorised movement of your vehicles, as well as alerting you when vehicles reach a certain area on the map.

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Routing made efficient

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Get notifications when you need them

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In-depth reporting to give you deeper insights

The Professional plan gives you access to five different in-depth reports that can be generated to give you richer insights into the things that matter to your business.

Get detailed location reports showing every tracker update, start and stop reports to see how productive your vehicles have been, as well as mileage and speed reporting.

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In-app and email support

If you have any issues with your trackers or the software, you can easily raise a support ticket from within the software panel that will be passed onto one of our support team members.

The professional plan will also allow you to get support via our email support channel.

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