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Home plan

Mobile app and web-based GPS tracking software solution

Access the GPS tracking software from any web browser, or through our mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Stay connected whenever and wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection!

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Live GPS tracking

Head into the software or app and you’ll see the map with your vehicle or asset pinned on it. This shows you the exact location of your unit and updates every 30 seconds giving you super accurate location information.

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Location history data for the last 30 days

Our software solution gives you the ability the see the location data for your unit over the last 30 days.

This can be useful for tracking business mileage, or in the event of a stolen vehicle, gives you chance to see if the vehicle is being moved helping you to get it back.

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Multiple vehicles all on the same tracking panel

Our Home plan isn’t limited to one tracker. You can add as many GPS trackers as you like and see them all on the same tracking panel.

This makes it great for families with multiple vehicles, allowing you to track them all in one place.

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Need help? Support ticket creation from within the software

If you require assistance, raise a support ticket from within the software and we’ll get back to you with some help or support.

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Manage your account right inside the tracking software

All of your account management is done right from inside the software. Need to change your email address or contact information? Do it from the account section.

You can also add new trackers to your plan easily through the software.

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Want to track your personal vehicles as well as your business vehicles? See trackers across all three plans within the same tracking panel

We’ve made GPSBob tracking software super easy to use, and also made it easy to track all your vehicles all within the same panel.

This means you can track your personal vehicle on our Home plan, then track your fleet of HGVs on our Enterprise plan, and see them all within the same software panel.

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These GPS trackers are perfect for your needs

The GPS tracking devices below all work on our Home Plan GPS tracking software and mobile app

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