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Motorhome trackers

So how much does a motorhome tracker cost from GPSBob?

Unlike the majority of motorhome trackers on the market where you pay upfront and then are required to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, GPSBob takes away all the monthly fees, contracts and subscriptions meaning you’ll only pay a low upfront cost to secure your motorhome with a GPS tracking device.

From only £129 upfront, and enough data preloaded onto the device to last 5 years, which can be easily topped up via our app at the end, GPSBob motorhome tracking is the perfect low-cost solution for you!

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motorhome tracker devices

Motorhome trackers can improve the security of your prized vehicle

For many people, their motorhome or campervan is integral to their lives. Allowing the freedom to head out on your adventures to all parts of the world, these vehicles become central to having fun.

Unfortunately as the popularity of such vehicles has boomed, the rates of motorhome and campervan theft has also increased. Imagine waking up to find your beloved motorhome has been stolen?

With GPSBob tracking installed on the vehicle, it could be far simpler to recover your stolen vehicle.

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Recovering a stolen motorhome

Without any kind of tracking installed on your vehicle, you have a very slim, if not impossible chance of getting your vehicle recovered.

Often these sought-after vehicles are quickly moved and then disposed of by criminals making recovery an arduous task.

With a motorhome tracker installed on your vehicle, you can quickly find the current location, as well as the historic location over the last 30 days, giving you a fighting chance of recovering the vehicle.

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Motorhome theft will hit your pocket in a big way. GPSBob tracking wont.

As motorhomes and campervans become more popular, so too has the price of them. Many people also spend vast amounts of their hard earned cash on transforming their motorhomes into amazing spaces on wheels.

After spending so much money on your vehicle, buying and installing a GPS tracker from GPSBob will be a drop in the ocean compared to the cost to you should your vehicle be stolen.

We have a great selection of trackers available, all with low up front cost, no contracts and giving 5 years of tracking before needing to top up the data easily via our app.

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Motorhome tracking on our Home Plan

Our Home plan is the perfect solution for tracking your motorhome, campervan or caravan. With basic point-on-map GPS tracking, and historic location data for the previous 30 days, you can rest assured that your vehicles movements are covered.

Home plan

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