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Device Health Check

Let’s answer some of your questions

Here you will find some of the most common device health check answers.

If none of these suggestions help, or you would like one of our team to check, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of the team will be happy to help

Your tracker should report into the GPSBOB server at least once every 24 hours, regardless of weather it has beenmoving or not.
If it has not reported in the last 24 hours an issue will be flagged.
If the Sim Data check is showing adequate sim data then the issue is likely a power problem.
If it is installed or checking the device has adequate charge in the battery for a portable device. On all devices there should be visible LED’s flashing to indicate the device is powered, if these are missing it is likely a power issue.

If your device is showing it’s last location had a poor location or that it hasn’t sent a valid location in the last 24 hours there are a few things which can be checked.

– If you havent used the tracker for the previous day or more and it is inside a property/garage there may not be anything to worry about as inside it may not be able to get a location inside but should when it next goes out.
– If you have used the tracker it may be worth re locating the device to where it could have an easier time getting a location.We can’t really recommend a generic location as the types of vehicles/assets the devices are used on varies greatly, but the key thing to remember is it need signals from the satellites in the sky, so for example in the rear of a van may prove problematic, however in the front where the windows are would provide better location results.

Current Connectivity indicates if the device is currently on the network, this being a warning is not necessarily a bad thing as it just indicates weatehr the device is currently Connected and Online, according to the mobile networks.
This indicator is useful for diagnosing power issues, if the device is being used and should be tracking but showing Offline it could indicate a power issue, and to check the power connection to the device / battery charge on the device.

Input Power Status refers to the input voltage being provided by an external power source, usually your vehicle. If this is showing a problem it could be as simple as the vehicle has intelligently cut power to a circuit the tracker has been wired to.
If it is an intelligent vehicle cutting power to circuits, it is up to you weather you want to change the feed to one which stays good 24/7, we would recommend it but it is not a requirement. Our wired vehicle trackers have enough power to last around 2-4 hours live tracking when not connected, and can last around 12 hours when not tracking, so if the vehicle is used daily there should be no adverse effects.

If it is not an intelligent circuit being powered down when the vehicle is not in use, we would recommend to check the connections.

If the input power voltage is low, not missing, it may be worth having your vehicles battery checked as this could be an indicator of a weak/failing battery.

Internal Battery Status is the state of charge for the internal battery. In the case of our portable products which are designed to last a week on a single charge and then recharged this warning can largely be ignored as the charge dipping down is a regular and expected occurrence.
However in the case of Asset’s with long life battery’s and vehicles it is not such a regular occurrence and may require some action to be taken.
For Assets with long life batteries this will indicate that shortly you will need to go to the asset to remove the device to either swap the battery or recharge the device.
For Vehicles this could indicate the internal battery has gone faulty or isn’t being charged as it should be. We would recommend running the vehicle for a few days, if it hasn’t been used, and if after a few days of use it is still showing as an issue, please contact support.

LifeSpan relates to our long life asset trackers. The system will look at the devices last 3 months of power draw and determine if the battery drop is what we would expect over that period.

If this has flagged as an issue the most common cause for this is location of the device.
Depending on the location the device on the asset, its ability to gain a gps location can be hindered and it can take longer to gain a location in certain places.
This extra time using up the finite amount of power in the battery. Try to relocate the device to somewhere it may find it easier to read the signals coming from the satellites in the sky.

One other cause for this could be geographical, if the device is in an area where phone signal is weak then it will use more power to transmit the data to the network. This isn’t something which can be easily rectified, however we find the circumstances where signal strength being so low affecting battery life is rare.

Sim Data indicates how much data is left on the installed sim card. It is an indication of weather you should be looking to top the sim card up in the near future, we flag this as an issue from 7.5%, which depending on usage could be 3-9months from it being fully depleated.