GL502MG Easy-install Long life Asset Tracker 4G LTE CATM1/NB1

Waterproof IP68, 5 years battery

Works Globally



The GPSBob asset tracker is the perfect way to track assets such as trailers or plant machinery. With its long battery life it’s truly a fit and forget piece of kit

This device will report its location every 12 hours, and battery life will last 5 years. Once the battery is depleted a new battery will be required.



Dimensions 250L x 58W x 61H mm

This GPS tracker can use 4G CAT M1 and 2G means it will work globally.

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Tracking panel software

All of our GPS trackers come with unlimited access to our basic Home Plan software which can be accessed through our web-software or mobile app.

After purchasing a tracker from GPSBob, you will need to sign up for an account through our software or app in order to access the tracking software.

Once you have successfully signed up for an account, you can then choose to stay on the Home plan, or upgrade to either the Professional or Enterprise plans to unlock more features.


The GPSBob tracker is pre-installed with a sim card and is ready to use. We provide you with enough data to last 5 years with normal use. The remaining data can be viewed within the app, and once depleted can be quickly topped up to allow for another 5 years of data. Every device comes with unlimited access to our Home Subscription level, which allows you to track and view the movements of the device over the last month. Additional features and functions can be enabled by increasing your subscription level in the apps or on the website.

This device will report its location every 12 hours, and battery life will last 5 years. Once depleted the battery has to be replaced, at a cost of £60

This device is 4G LTE capable to work globally

Note this device is designed for assets which just need periodic location updates. This device as standard will not send alerts for motion or track any quicker than every 12 hours. You are able to configure this device to detect motion and track and shorter intervals but this will deplete the battery quickly, and a new battery will then be required to continue its operation.

Dimensions 250L x 58W x 61H mm

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