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GPS Trackers for cars

GPS car tracker devices with no subscription or contracts and enough data to last 5 years!

Looking for a great tracker device for cars?

GPSBob offer a great range of car tracker devices for cars from the worlds top GPS tracker manufacturers. Our devices come with absolutely no contracts or subscriptions and are preloaded with enough sim-card data to last 5 years without the need to top-up!

With our devices, you’ll never worry about your loved ones again or the security of your prized car. You can always know where they are and if they’re safe. And all our devices are super simple to install too – just plug in device or attached easily to your car battery and away you go.

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Why do I need a GPS tracker for my car?

GPS car tracker devices are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of getting more peace of mind over the security and whereabouts of your vehicle at any given point.

Gone are the days of GPS tracking being reserved for large vehicle fleets, or simply seen on the big screen in spy movies, and here at GPSBob we’ve made it super easy for anyone to get the power of GPS tracking in their own vehicle.

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But what does a GPS car tracker actually do?

A GPS car tracker is a device that is easily installed inside your car. There are various types of tracking devices that can be installed in different ways within your vehicle, from simple plug and play trackers that plug into your cars OBD port or cigarette lighter, through to simple two-wire install trackers that attach to your cars battery. GPSBob have you covered with all kinds of car tracking devices that are easy to use.

The car tracker will use GPS signals to pinpoint your car on a map using the power of global positioning satellites up in space. In almost real-time, you can log into our web software or mobile app and see the exact location of your vehicle.

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Find the exact location of your car

The main benefit of installing a GPS tracker device within your car is that it gives you the ability to see exactly where your car is at any given time.

We’ve all been there when we can’t remember where we’ve parked our car in a busy city. Simply login to the mobile app or web software and you can easily find the location of your car.

GPS car tracker devices can also give parents of young drivers the peace of mind over the whereabouts of their child out on the road giving added safety to younger drivers whilst out and about.

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GPS car tracker device to help in emergency

Get help exactly where you need it in an emergency

Another great benefit of GPS car trackers is that in the case of an emergency out on the road, you can pinpoint your exact location, making it easier to direct emergency services straight to you in the event of an accident.

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Monitor young drivers behaviour

For many parents of young drivers, not knowing how they are behaving out on the road can be terrifying.

By installing a GPS tracking device on your child’s vehicle, you can easily monitor historic driving behaviours such as speeding so that you can educate your child on better driving practices.

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Faster recovery of stolen cars

Having your car stolen is anyones worst nightmare. Unfortunately cars are prime targets for many thieves and without a GPS tracking device installed on your vehicle, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recover your stolen vehicle.

By installing a hidden car GPS tracker in your vehicle, it can really help in the speedy recovery of your car should it be stolen.

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These GPS trackers are perfect for your needs

We’ve handpicked the perfect GPS car tracker devices for your needs.

For customers in the USA the “See all GPS Trackers” button below includes all of our products and links to our Amazon USA listings

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