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GPS Trackers

GPSBob – Smarter GPS tracking

Get rid of the annoying subscriptions and simply plug in one of our trackers and away you go. All our GPS tracking devices are pre-loaded with sim card data that will last up to 5 years without needing a top up meaning you can plug in your tracker and forget about it.

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How does GPSBob work?

We’ve made GPS tracking simple – purchase a tracking device with a small upfront cost. We then ship your new GPS tracker for you to install yourself. Trust us; it’s super easy to install all of our tracking units on your car, van, motorhome or pretty much anything you wish to track. Once installed, sign up for a free Home Plan account trough to web-software or mobile app and away you go. Easy as 1, 2, 3

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motorhome tracker devices

What can you track using GPSBob tracking devices?

You can track almost anything using our different tracking units. From cars and vans, through to HGV’s and plant equipment our GPS trackers can track them all.

Our devices can also be used to track dogs and other pets, as well being able to track family members such as children or elderly parents.

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Sim card data that lasts up to 5 years without top-up

We preload every tracking device with a sim card that contains enough data to let you track almost anything for up to 5 years without the need to top-up the data.

This allows you to install your new tracker and forget about it. Once the data is used, you can easily top up with more through the web software or mobile app.

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Easy to use web software and mobile app

All tracking devices come with free access to our Home Plan GPS tracking software and mobile app. See all your tracking devices on the map, setup and manage your account through the platform – it’s all so easy!

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Live GPS tracking

See where your vehicles, assets or loved ones are on the map anytime you need to. Our GPS trackers will work in almost 120 countries worldwide.

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Historical location data

The GPS tracking device will relay it’s position data back to the software that will then be stored for up to 30 days on our free Home Plan software.

This means you can easily look back to see the routes and location history of your GPS tracking device.

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These GPS trackers are perfect for your needs

We’ve handpicked the perfect GPS trackers for your needs.

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